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Release Time: August 3, 2022

Design Principal- Kumpal Vaid

Plot area- 33000 sqft

Location- Pernem, Goa

Photo Credits- Ishita Sitwala


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Located in the lesser-known Pernem Village of Goa, House by the river is designed to give a true local experience in context with the cultural fabric of Goa. This house is a true nature-inspired slow-life luxe, as the client fell in love with the plot and the surroundings and decided to make their house there.

This is Purple Backyard’s second project with the client and they also got the opportunity to work on architectural aesthetics and landscape along with the interiors. The house is located on an expansive 33000 sqft plot that opens upto the river offering scenic views of the surrounding area. A jetty is being built to the river which is a work-in-progress, making it an enjoyable stay for anyone who rents it as an Airbnb.

PB is known for its zen-like spaces with predominantly white and neutral colour palettes but here they infused the interiors with pops of blue colours with signature indoor greens. This blue was used on the spiral staircase and in the entry room creating a distinctive charm within the space. The idea was to create spaces that are nature inspired and blend in with the surroundings.

The entryway is a vintage-style front yard leading down to the distinctive blue door, making for a warm and nice welcome. Inside, you are greeted by a beautiful pattern flooring, setting the scene for the rest of the house. In the entry foyer, there is a tall tree near the staircase. The wall beside the staircase is adorned with a terracotta brick screen with sunlight filtering in. A skylight over this region makes the space light up during the day, creating a distinct impression. On the right, there is the kitchen which was designed keeping in mind that it was a holiday home. Instead of creating an open kitchen, glass viewing panels were installed so that there is a certain level of transparency and openness. The living and dining areas are on the opposite side of one another, making for a nice conversational setting. Since this house was going to be an Airbnb, It was made sure that the client finds it comfortable to maintain the property.

The house is G+1 and has a mezzanine floor. The ground floor is a family area and has a printed floor merging into a nice peachy flooring with a carpet created using the chain tile pattern in the living area. In the kitchen, a crisscross pattern with a black Kota and a maroon-ish stone called Agar is used. On the first floor, there are 3 bedrooms. Distinctive yellow insert tiles are used in the bedroom which become green inserts on the deck. Vitrified flooring used here adds certain nuances and patterns which make it look beautiful and economical at the same time. In the bedrooms, the beds and side tables are made of concrete with a stone top, hence least amount of wood is used as all the furniture in the house is the bare minimum.

There are 4 bathrooms, one on the ground floor and the other three on the first floor. Since this was an Airbnb, certain themes were created within the different rooms, inspired by the local flora. Therefore four flowers that are native to Goa were used as an inspiration for the bathrooms. All the bathrooms have Kota flooring, but the back wall has this little pattern that is paying an ode to these flowers.

The outhouse is on the right of the entrance. Then there is the mezzanine which is the second floor of the house wherein it was supposed to be like this common confluence area which is a viewing deck as well, offering stunning views of the river. The sunlight also comes out to be the best in this space. It is a multifunctional space where you can watch movies, and convert it into a home office or workout space.

For Purple Backyard, true luxury is the mix of the rawness of the space with its luxury element. Hence, the whole roofing system is kept visible from the inside with no use of a false ceiling.

No material is wasted and the use of wood is to a bare minimum, adding to the sustainability quotient. The house is conceptualised as creating a connection between the indoors and the outdoors through the use of local materials, a nature-inspired palette and transparency within the spaces.

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