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Release Time: September 14, 2020

Project name: Häagen-Dazs

Design: ZOZO Studio

Contact e-mail: info@zozostudio.cn

Design year & Completion Year: Design: 2020.1-4 /Completion 2020.6

Leader designer & Team: Min Zhang,Leon Zhu,Qinqin Shen,Sam Huang

Project location: 5 Zone,Shangnan Road 168,Shanghai

Gross Built Area (square meters): indoor 180sqm/outdoor area 148sqm

Photo credits: Nin,Min,Fu Wei,Wen Hai

Partners: Huihui Dai,Qijun Shi,Nanxing Guo  

Clients: General Mills Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Brands / Products used in the projrct:

Furniture: Yelar Building Decoration Ltd.Shanghai

Flooring: Fodeco Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

Intelligent Control System: Ultimate IOT ( shanghai ) technology Ltd


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Using an intriguing concept which is a fusion of playfulness and elegance, ZOZO Studio has completed the first Häagen-Dazs concept shop. The 180-square-meter dining space (148sqm outside), dubbed Häagen-Dazs Expo Shop, is the launch of Häagen-Dazs’s series of uniquely designed shops.

△ 概念 © ZOZO

△ 室内大场景 © Nin

△ 室内晚上 © Nin

Situated in Pudong Expo Area, Shanghai, the shop’s design is inspired by the significance and uniqueness of the location combined with an influence of the brand items. The result is an interior characterized by childlike elements, color palette that represents Häagen-Dazs , and free flowing navigational lines.

© 大米

△ 露台白天 © Nin

A “S” shape curve defines the shop’s layout. The space is divided into two parts, the center part is dominated by a 3-dimensional belt bench which curves and twists, visually dynamic and playful. To contain as well as to achieve an equilibrium balance the remaining space is more typical with standard tables and chairs.

© Nin

Large part of the ceiling is cladded with circular plates of different colors. These plates serve as the key elements in projecting the brand’s identity, and establishing visual focus in the space. The different color plates also fulfill different functions, red plates are acoustic sound absorption pads, and the plates with pattern printed tell the story of the brand’s founder.

△ 顶棚的灯 © 大米

To resonate the view of the Expo's China Pavilion, the 3-dimensional twisting belt bench of the shop is extended outside representing a visual connection to the red China Pavilion. The twisting and curving belt, made from colored stainless steel, is the main and dominant design element, while providing different options and choices to customers to relax, have ice cream and beverage, leaving a long lasting memory of the experience.

主入口 © 付伟

入口立面 © 大米

△ 改造前 © ZOZO

△ 改造后 © ZOZO

△ 开放厨房 © Nin

△ 环形灯的尺度 © Nin

△ 灯圈施工 © 大米

△ 换一片落地玻璃 © 大米

△ 换窗户 © 大米

△ 早上的光 © Nin

△ 下午露台的孩子 Nin

△ 露台 © Nin

△ 露台夜景 大米

△ 露台夜景中国馆

△ 外街景 文海

△ 从马路对面看 Nin

△ 屋顶装投影的师傅 大米

△ 室内大场景 Nin

△ 材料 ZOZO

△ 材质 © 大米

△ 家具 © 大米

△ 室内的孩子 © Nin

△ 室外的画 © 大米

△ 画 近照 © Nin

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